Why is there such a difference in website pricing?

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How much should you expect to pay for a website? I came across this article, which offers a really good overview of the various aspects of building a website and breaks down the associated costs. Pricing is in Dollars, but relative worldwide and for the purposes of this article you can roughly calculate 65% as the cost in Pounds.

The best way to look at any website proposal and price is to look at how you go about selling your own products & services. Does your business add real value when delivering your products & services? Perhaps you deliver a better quality and longer lasting products. Do your customers buy from you because they know they are getting the best value for their money? The same is applicable to your website, there is always a reason for a price difference and you just need to find out why.

There seem to be a few set pricing points,

Free wix type websites,

Not a serious business tool with extreme limitations.

An option for small businesses, like dog walkers or hairdressers who need a simple site to show opening times and prices. But very limited, will not feature well in the search engines and prove time consuming. Time invested rarely offers comparable returns.

Under £1000,

Entry level basic website can be produced for under £1K, however there has to be a compromise to reach this pricing point and almost always further development is needed or even complete redevelopment. Don’t expect miracles from wonder computer software, quick build with super web traffic facilities. If it was that cheap and simple we would all be doing it this way, the truth is only time and effort will produce a quality result.

Can be a useful starting point, if you have budget restrictions or only a few products/services are never updated/change. Unlikely to meet expectations or help you develop your business.

Getting serious online,

Done properly your website will interlink with a social media portfolio, connect with a Google profile and list in directories. Your website content will be searchable and a clear SEO profile determined to attract the most suited visitors. Must be easy to navigate on a desktop, tablet and smart phone; also simple for the user to find the info they are looking for. Potential customers, suppliers and customers will all check out your online profile; make the best impression possible and take advantage of your opportunities – all of them.

Pricing will of course be dependent on what work is needed, from writing content to setting up a Google profile and all that is needed to create a complete online profile.

Ok, so understanding the associated costs

Domain name and website hosting, fees payable for the use of a domain name that can be purchased for up to 9 years in advance and annual fees are due for website hosting.

Images are needed, either purchased stock pictures that can be purchased under licence or a photographer hired and sometimes images can be provided by product suppliers.

Website written content, it you don’t have the skills to write the content a professional copywriter will be needed.

Planning & design, it does take some time to work out/plan the website layout and functionality.

Development, Content population & SEO foundation will take up the majority of the working hours.

Social media portfolio inclusion, Google profile creation & Directory registration

Tablet, smart phone responsive and how the website runs across the various internet browsers.

Other options,

Shopping Cart, online ordering (pushing cart details across to bank for payment processing)

User interaction profiles, with secure login and database interaction.

We would generally take two or three weeks to complete a website from start to finish, a CMS (content management system, Drupal) that is really effective for SEO and perfect for adding on more complex features.

For more complex sites, like shopping cart facilities, that is all dependent on number of products and would generally take another two or three weeks.

Bespoke features and development is of course project specific, but regular updates and communication is essential.

I suppose for most people it is trying to understand what the difference is, why pay more for something when you can’t see any difference? Completely understandable, especially for new starts or local business, it is tempting to take the gamble on the cheaper option and see.

‘’There is something there right, at least we have a website’’

Well no, not really, because that’s your business reputation open to the world. What is your message, are you too small or too cheap to do the job properly?  What about the opportunity you are offering your competitors to get ahead, reach out to your audience and increase their market share. Not worth the risk in my opinion.

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