What is a Google Business Listing and why do you need this?

Google Business Listing a must have for every business, loads of benefits and quick to arrange

What is a Google Business Listing?

I appreciate it gets a little confusing, everything seems to have Google attached to it when referring to anything online. In simple terms, a Google Business Listing is linked to your physical address rather than your website. Making it easier for people to find products/services by location, for example ‘Hairdresser near me’ or ‘Electrician in Warrington’.

Each time you do a google search you will have noticed some results are shown on the map. That is because those companies have created and verified a Google Business Listing with Google.

What are the benefits of a Business Listing for my business?

Stand-alone or part of your online portfolio; a Google Business Listing is a vital sales & marketing tool.

1. Linked to Google Maps

  • Customers and potential customers may use Google maps to navigate their way to your premises.
  • Localised searches are offered by Google with the maps as an option, so people can click on the map to select the best location for the service they are looking for.
  • You can place a marker for your business location for better accuracy than a postcode.

2. In addition to a website

  • People can check your opening hours, products & services, specials, contact details etc.
  • You can upload regular posts about your business, photos and videos.
  • It’s Free

3. Reports are generated by Google for you, called Insights

You can see how many people searched for your business and if they searched your business by name or a product/service associated.

Visitor interactions, how many

  • called your business
  • requested directions
  • visited your website

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4. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Your Google Business Listing will aid your SEO campaign.
  • Because it is linked to Google maps, any location based key word searches
  • There will be a good percentage of people that will link through to your website, when they find your products/services are relevant to their ‘search query’.

Ok, so what’s involved?

We will need to create a Google profile for your business, include all your business details with pics/videos etc and then verify that listing with Google (they could phone your landline or send a postcard to your address for verification).

Ready to get your Google Business Listing sorted?

Get in touch today and we’ll organise everything for £275. That is create your profile, confirm marker on Google maps for your actual business location, add all your business content, arrange for Google verification and show you how to access your Google Business Listing for updates/reports etc.

Call me now, Cecil on 07870 551 962 or cecil@catchywebdesign.co.uk for more information.

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