Rockbourne Day Nursery achieves top Organic Google ranking

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Rockbourne Day Nursery achieves top Organic Google ranking and in a relatively short space of time too. So what does this mean?

In real terms the day care services provided by Rockbourne is highlighted to people in active search of those services, by way of a first page google listing. It gives Rockbourne Day Nursery the best chance of turning these enquiries into customers and it is FREE.

There are on average 1300 Google searches monthly for,

day nursery liverpool and

liverpool day nursery

I think everyone understands the power of a first page google listing, which is why there is so much advertising on these pages along the top side and bottom. However, an Organic Google listing is when a website or part of a website is featured because it meets closely the criteria of the search and google believes the content from that website will best answer the question asked. Of course you will know by your own habits that people tend to click the organic results.

How have we done this?

The website has been developed in Wordpress a CMS (content management system) that allows us to set the content and highlight the key words in a way that google can categorise easily. We also run a social media campaign and regular news updates that encourage visitors other than those driven by google. We have supported that with printed items to drive traffic to the website.

Check it out yourself, do a google search for ‘day nursery liverpool’ or ‘liverpool day nursery’.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.


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