Pay Per Click v Organic Website Traffic!

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Pay Per Click versus Organic Website Search Results!

Why Pay per Click when you don't have to? Too many people are rushing into PPC (pay per click) arrangements without understanding the options available, especially when there is a lot of competition for certain search strings.

The Facts,

  • Pay per Click can get very expensive, even though you can set a daily budget limit
  • The more competitive the search string, the more expensive the advert
  • People very seldom click the adverts and buy, often just click and browse
  • I have yet to talk to anyone that feels they get value from pay per click

Also there is a HUGE difference between a SEARCH ENGINE and DIRECTORY and in my opinion, from my own experience, paying for advertising in a search directory is a complete waste of money. Traditionally the directories were just local listings that could meet with localised search engine enquiries for businesses that did not have web space. It is far better to focus on helping your key products and services move up the organic rankings and not get distracted monitoring the activity in the various directories (of which there are hundreds).

Better Yet, invest you time and money into a solid SEO (search engine optimisation) and Social Media Campaign.

  • Identify your key search enquiries
  • Make sure your website content gives the right impression for a visitor and answers the correct questions
  • Think about how best to encourage the people that interact with your social media forums to visit your website AND BUY

Basics needed for top google ranking

  • Website developed in the best CMS (content management system) like Drupal
  • Regular news and content updates with key word and SEO in mind
  • Links from Social Media engagements (i.e. visitors following links from your social media)

Remember everything we do online leaves a digital footprint and therefore searchable, so make sure you have thought about the message and how it links back to your website.

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