Google Keyword Planner should be your starting point when developing your new website

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner should be your starting point when developing your new website. Planning and preparation is really important for the long term success of your website and online sales & marketing efforts. So take a bit of time to think about what you want your website to do for your business, is it

  • Just an online brochure that never changes
  • A sales tool to attract new business
  • Somewhere your customers can login for a personal experience
  • Another option to process orders with payment

If you decide a static brochure website is what suits your business, perhaps your products never change and your customers are not really online. Then a lightweight CMS (content management system) with good quality images and easy to read content will do the job, along with suitable hosting for the year. Do keep in mind it is unlikely, especially as search queries become more competitive, that this website would achieve top search engine raking and visitors will have to be sent there by you. What I mean by that is email links with quotes for example or maybe promoted on vehicle or business signage. I do suggest you select a CMS, because you can always add to the database if your business needs change at a later date.

Most will expect their business website to be a working tool, helping service existing customers and effective in attracting new sales. A few things must be kept in mind if this is to be successful,

  • Understanding how visitors are going to find your website, well the pages that are of interest to them especially
  • Knowing what your visitors will expect to see when they arrive and how they will want to navigate their way around your website
  • Thinking about how you are going to keep your website and its content current

There are two options for attracting visitors to your website, either PPC (pay per click) advertising or SEO (search engine optimisation) and both have costs associated. In my opinion, it is always better to invest in a website developed correctly with long term search engine results as the objective. Visitors that find your website using a search engine are actively searching for your products & services, giving you the best chance of sales conversion. PPC will leave you in the wilderness when you budget runs out or you will be forced to spend ongoing.

So take a bit of time to research your ‘key search queries’, what searches will people use to find your products & services – for example ‘Dentist in Liverpool’. Google has a keyword planner tool that you can use to identify the most suited searches for your business. Armed with this information you can take a more intelligent approach to your website development, written into the structure and content on the face, everything about your website is done for a purpose and ultimately measurable.

We will help you navigate the Google keyword planner to find the best suited search queries for your business.

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