Too many businesses see a website as a one off expense, often spending thousands of pounds in the process

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Too many businesses see a website as a one off expense, often spending thousands of pounds in the process and without enough thought or planning into the actual use of this tool. All too often business people tell me they don’t get anything from their website, their business is not suited or their customers don’t use the internet. Of course they are wrong and the longer they bury their heads in the sand believing their own excuses, the less chance they have to rectify the problem.

There is an expectation that every business has a website, the face of your business online for all to see day or night, make sure your website represents your business in the best light.

The way we do business has not changed; the basics are still very much the same. The most successful companies are those that communicate with their target audience and promote their products & services effectively. The internet, for even the smallest local business, offers a level playing field and the opportunity to compete with even the largest competitor.

Ok, so why is the (often expensive) website you produced not bringing you any business or could be driving business to your competitors?

There are a few reasons,

  1. There was probably no plan in place for SEO (search engine optimisation) and the website structure has not been developed to suit. Like building a house, the foundation is essential for a successful development.
  2. Your website content is probably dated, lacking in regular news and content updates or feeds/links to your social media portfolio. The search engines will not rank your website content and therefore people searching for your products & services cannot find your website.
  3. Even when people are able to locate your website, they are put off by dated websites/website content and will keep searching. Think about your own buying patterns and how often you turn to the internet to research the items/products or services you may be interested in.
  4. Perhaps your competitors are doing a better job than you online and attracting all the visitors to their website, creating new sales opportunities or even tempting your customers. They could be smaller than you, more expensive and lacking in the resources you have; that will not matter if their online presence is better than yours and people are convinced enough to buy from them not you.

There are no quick fixes, so don’t be fooled by the jargon, a good solid website foundation supported with regular updates and social media portfolio is the only route to top organic search engine ranking.

We are unmatched with our complete approach, from web design & web development to seo/social media/news update & website maintenance; we're doing things differently by replacing the marketing-design agency/website designer/website developer/seo specialist/ social media campaign manager/adwords & ppc consultant with one seemless point of contact - that delivers results.

  • web design
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  • news & content updates
  • website maintenance
  • domain registration and hosting
  • emails (pop 3, imap or exchange)
  • email marketing
  • supporting printed materials
  • monthly reports (google analytics)
  • ongoing SEO guidance (v measured performance)

It’s the complete package, guaranteed to deliver and all at an unbelievably fair price.

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