Affordable, planned and targeted approach to New Business Opportunities

Catchy web design

How much is a new customer worth to your business? You can attract and convert new customers via the internet for a lot less than you would expect, with a measured and accountable approach.


Catchy web design

Part One, attract potential customers to your website

Understanding what potential customers are searching, known ‘as key search queries’, we can optimise your website to attract visitors who are actively searching for your products and services.

Making use of PPC (pay per click) google adwords and facebook advertising we can reach out to potential customers, profiled and targeted.

Mailchimp email marketing to keep in touch with your existing customers, remind them of your services and offer new promotions, products or services.


Catchy web design

Part Two, convert these potential sales opportunities

An up to date website, social media portfolio and google profile will arm any potential customer with the right information and give them confidence to proceed.

We will make sure that any reach out efforts drive the visitor to the page/area of your website that is relative to their search query.

Ease of flow and website navigation encouraging customer interaction.


Catchy web design

Part Three, measure progress and adjust accordingly

Google provides analytics on the website activity, number of visitors and how they came to your site etc.

We can also follow the progress of your organic key search queries, Google provides that information.

Any PPC activity is reported with stats

Armed with this information we can plan effectively, measure progress accurately and make adjustments as needed.


Catchy web design

Who will this suit?

Any business actively looking for new sales growth, but does not have the budget for a PR/Marketing company or inhouse social media/web developers/seo specialists.

Capable of putting together some written information on their own business, services and products themselves on a regular basis.

What’s involved?

You will need a professional website, with solid seo foundation and idea of who your target audience is. It should be current, run on smartphones/tablets and a good source of information. Linked to social media profile, highlighting and encouraging ‘targeted visitors’ to link through and purchase.

Together we run a planned online campaign for organic website visitors, by you providing a regular news story for your website for us to upload and seo. For a faster more direct approach we will run a PPC campaign, reaching out to a targeted audience.

All measured and accountable.

How do we get started?

Let’s get together for a Free Help Consultation, to investigate the search queries relevant to your business and potential value. Have a look at your current online portfolio and what your competition is doing. Armed with facts you can make the right decision for your business.