Adwords versus Organic Search Ranking? A common conundrum for local business - My verdict


A common conundrum for local business, but what is at difference between adwords and organic search ranking? And which will suit your business?

Adwords is an advertising platform linked to Google search results, but with advanced features that can be very useful in reaching a target audience. We have all experienced it, targeted adverts show on the side of our screens after we have viewed similar products or made a google search enquiry. Adwords are great if,

Key search queries are extremely competitive and top organic search results very difficult to achieve

Unlikely that web users will actively search for your products & services

Adwords can be expensive, so careful thought and planning is vital before undertaking any adwords campaign. Pricing is all dependent on the competitiveness of the key search queries and normally charged per click through, but there are options to limit your daily budget.

Organic Search Ranking is a free listing and many businesses do really well off the enquiries they receive. It takes some work at the outset and ongoing effort is needed to improve ranking, like regular website content updates and social media activity. This is good practice anyway, as visitors are more receptive to a website with up to date content and relevant to their search.

Too often business seeking quick sales opt for adwords, but do not make the effort with their website and forget that this is very often the only face of the business. So even though adwords drives web visitors to their website actual sales or quotation enquiries are not achieved, only because the web visitor does not feel confident enough and it is just easier to move onto the next website.

My verdict,

Adwords is a quick way to market, but open to fatal flaws like cost v return on investment.

Organic Search Ranking can take time to reach your audience and requires some effort, but over time with good practice a variety of search queries can be developed for ultimately a better return on investment.

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