Claim your Free Google Business listing, help customers find you and your services

Claim Free Google business listing

A Google business listing is free, with a load of helpful features and essential for any business, whatever the size. Focussed on localised searches (dependent on how unique the product or service of course), definitely supports your website content.


You will need to claim ownership of your business listing, Google will often create a basic listing from information online and can contain incorrect information. So it is really important that you take ownership of your Google business listing and populate the content with accurate information.


This is also a really good opportunity to place a marker on the exact location of your business, making sure your customers can navigate easily to your premises.


Selecting the correct category for your business is also very helpful, you can be more specific about your services. For example google might describe your business as a “manufacturer in the UK’’ and you can change that to ‘’kitchen manufacturer in the UK’’. To help match the correct search and match more accurately potential customers with your business.


By including accurate opening hours and a link to your website it is quick and easy for people to find out more about your business, giving people information and reasons to make contact. There is also place to write a full description of your business.


Your Google business listing has a section for photos and videos, what a great way to promote your products and services.


Remember that people looking at your Google business listing can,

  • Call you
  • Navigate to your premises via Google Maps
  • Contact you on messenger
  • or even make a direct purchase


and it’s a Free Google service


And a really useful feature is Google insights, reporting on all the activity on your business listing. For example,

How customers search for your business,

  • Queries used to find your business
  • Where custoersview your business on Google
  • Customer actions
  • Direction requests
  • Phone calls
  • Photo views

Like other social media platforms, Google has created a wall for you to post on, regular updates about your business, products and services. It is only visible for 7 days, so best to post something every week, but a great way to promote yourself.


It will take a bit of time and effort to set up, but very much worth the time invested.


Regular updates and ongoing management is recommended, making sure the search criteria and visitor experience meets your business objectives.


We can help you get this profile set up, it will only take a couple of days, for £275. Check out more information on our services page here - Google Profile


Get in touch if you have any questions or take advantage of our Free Help Consulation.