Website packages to meet all budgets or online sales and marketing targets

21, July 2017
We offer a variety of website packages, from the basic online brochure style website to a payment processing shopping cart website. Helping local business get the best value for their budget and online profile requirements, supported with both organic seo and pay per click advertising monthly packages. As probably the most important part of any sales and marketing campaign, your website and online profile demands careful consideration on the expected performance and results. Are you expecting to generate new sales opportunities? If so, how do you plan to attract and convert these opportunities? What are the key search queries that are relevant to your website? And how competitive are the...

Be aware of scare tactics used by some seo companies, better to stick with a local website designer

24, March 2017
Be aware of quick cheap seo
I came across, no names mentioned, a company that approached a customer of ours with a report that declared ‘Basically your business is invisible to Google’ and used terminology such as ‘It is a permanent solution’. Of course these terms were carefully selected to cause panic and concern for the business owner. Designed to force immediate action, encouraging the owner to seek instant remedy. Here are a few tips to look out for, Do they use a business email? Many will use and email from a free service, for example or, too easy to abandon and create a new one. Is it linked to a valid website? You should expect someone giving you advice about...

Free Website with our Complete Monthly Package by Catchy web design

11, January 2017
Free website on offer by Catchy web design
Catchy web design, a local website designer, is offering a Free Website for customers who select the Complete Monthly Package, designed to take full advantage of the opportunities the internet has to offer your business sector. Attracting the right website visitor; people who are interested in your products & services; ready to buy when armed with the right information. Our Complete Monthly Package covers all aspects of a successful online approach to sales conversion; reaching out to potential buyers and making sure your key search queries rank highly with the search engines. This is followed up with the right website visitor experience encouraging the highest conversion rates and...

Catchy web design, website designer in Warrington

12, July 2016
Catchy web design, website designer in Warrington
Local to Warrington, Catchy web design is focussed on helping businesses in Warrington take full advantage of the internet with a quality website and online marketing strategy. Creating new sales opportunities and adding value to your existing customers, quickly earning a return on investment. Services offered, Website design Website development Seo Social Media Ongoing Package We offer a Free Help Consultation, obligation free designed to help you understand everything you need to know about the internet and your business. Also a Small Business Package, making payment more manageable and easing cash flow. So if you are looking for a website designer in Warrington, get in...

Google Keyword Planner should be your starting point when developing your new website

16, June 2016
Google Key word planner to research your key search queries
Planning and preparation is really important for the long term success of your website and online sales & marketing efforts. So take a bit of time to think about what you want your website to do for your business, is it Just an online brochure that never changes A sales tool to attract new business Somewhere your customers can login for a personal experience Another option to process orders with payment If you decide a static brochure website is what suits your business, perhaps your products never change and your customers are not really online. Then a lightweight CMS (content management system) with good quality images and easy to read content will do the job, along with...